Monday, May 7, 2007

menu plan - 5/7/2007

Well. I didn't get to my menu planning by Sunday as I set out to. However, I did get to it today and since I have the day off from school (finals week) and the kids will be with their dad this afternoon, I will have plenty of time to get my shopping done!

I must admit that menu planning has really helped out and given me a lot of extra time around the house and with the kids. It is lovely not to have to scramble last minute everyday and figure out what to cook with what's on hand or running to the store to grab ingredients. Besides, it gives me more time to play with my monkeys and finally make progress on projects that have been piling up around the house. Here is what we have on deck for this week!

Monday: left over spaghetti from last night
Tuesday: Split Pea Soup w/ Chorizo
Wednesday: Tamale Casserole
Thursday: Refrigerator Medley
Friday: kids w/ dad for weekend and date night w/ my sweetie
Saturday: Pad Thai
Sunday: Mother's Day = I get the night off - yippie :O)

I feel like I'm cheating a bit by having leftovers 2 nights this week but I need to save on the grocery budget and I just can't stand throwing out food at the end of the week. So, leftovers it is!

Have a fabulous week fellow planners and if you want to join in, visit Laura the Organizing Junkie!

*I'll post these recipes by the end of day - check back for the added links!


annie said...

Your menu looks great!
My Life as Annie!

tegdirb92 said...

I LOVE PAD THAI!! I will be back for the recipe :) Great menu.