Tuesday, April 3, 2007

no more school no more books..

remember feeling that way? i do and apparently at the moment, that is how my little monkey feels.

so my 7 year old son is in second grade. for some strange reason, at least in this school district, being in second grade means being having an incredible amount of classwork and homework. well, maybe the reason is not that strange, i am sure it has to do with the fact that there are so many fundamentals about writing and mathematics that are taught in this grade. anyway that is not the point of this thought.

so the point is that my son has reently been getting behind in his class work-his writing assignments specifically. this last week, he came home w/ a progress report which stated he was missing 11 - yes 11!- writing assignments for the week. that is unbelievable. i mean one, that he got behind but two that in one week so many writing assingments would be given. see, it wouldn’t be that bad if he just had to write them once (they are all friendly letters which are about the length of a paragraph each) but each one is to be written as a rough draft, proof read and then printed neatly on a final page w/ a picture included. now, taking the fact that i someday will be a teacher, i can totally understand that it is important for the students to learn and even master the writing process. but come one 15 writing assingments in one week seems a bit ridiculous to me!

now i am not the type of mom who constantly blames others or outside circumstances when my kids make mistakes. i know he definitely needs to be held responsible for the situation and he being held responsible and will be catching up on these assingments by the end of the week.

the thing is, he just does not like writing. AT. ALL. and i hate feeling like i am forcing him but mostly, i struggle with how to relay the message that school is important - because it is- w/out putting to much pressure. not just with my youngest but with the other 2 as well. in our family, school is your job, and you should show up everyday, prepared, ready to work and should always do your best. now don’t go thinking that i’m some crazy over achieving mom who demands that the kids get straight A’s. their best is their best - they are all capable of passing and that is all that is required. if their best is a C then so be it. but right now, the work isn’t even getting done to be graded!

so i don’t want to put too much pressure but want to relay that his school work is important. so if you read my other post -you’ll know that my ex isn’t much help lately. there is lots of playing the playstation and goofing off on ‘dad’s days’ instead of homework getting done. so now the poor little guy is getting really mixed messages. that sucks! see like i said so many things would have been easier if i could have waited for the right partner a long time ago. my kids wouldn’t have to navigate the drastic differences in mom and dads opinion about fundamental life issues…..

i just feel overwhelmed

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